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SERVICES Fast IT Support Services in Ottawa


it consulting

Offering expert guidance to optimize technology infrastructure and help businesses achieve their goals. Our consultants assess systems, recommend improvements, and implement tailored tech solutions for our clients.


pc sUPPORT & services 

Our PC support and services encompass troubleshooting, repair, upgrades, and performance enhancements, ensuring your desktop systems operate smoothly and efficiently.



We provide robust managed networking services, guaranteeing reliable and secure connectivity for your business. Our dedicated team ensures your network runs seamlessly, delivering uninterrupted communication and data access.


it security

Providing comprehensive managed IT security services, our expert team diligently monitors and enhances your digital assets’ protection, ensuring the highest level of security to guard against cyber threats and data breaches.


cloud computing

We design, implement, and manage cloud infrastructure, facilitating seamless migration to platforms like AWS and Azure while ensuring optimal performance and security.



With tailored-made solutions, our backup and disaster recovery services encompass the capability to design, implement, and manage data protection strategies, ensuring seamless recovery and safeguarding critical information during unforeseen disruptions.



Robust server and virtualization solutions are offered to optimize your IT infrastructure, efficiently managing physical and virtual resources for enhanced performance and scalability.


managed IT Services

We offer comprehensive managed IT services, ensuring your technology infrastructure runs smoothly and securely. Our expert team proactively manages and maintains your systems, providing peace of mind and optimal performance.


eMAIL, domain & websites

We offer email, domain management, and web development services, providing tailored solutions to enhance your online presence.

Microsoft Windows OS

Windows Installation and Upgrade Services:
1.1. Professional installation of Windows operating system on new or existing devices.
1.2. Upgrading older Windows versions to the latest edition for improved security and features.
1.3. Assistance with license activation and initial system setup.

Windows Troubleshooting and Error Resolution Services:
2.1. Expert diagnosis and resolution of common Windows errors, crashes, and performance issues.
2.2. Troubleshooting system startup problems, blue screen errors, and software conflicts.
2.3. Optimizing system settings and resolving compatibility issues.

Virus and Malware Removal Services:
3.1. Thorough scanning and removal of viruses, malware, and other malicious threats from Windows systems.
3.2. Implementing robust security measures to prevent future infections.
3.3. Educating users about safe browsing practices and recommending reliable antivirus software.

Software Installation and Configuration Services:
4.1. Installation and setup of software applications on Windows systems.
4.2. Configuration of software settings and customization according to user requirements.
4.3. Troubleshooting software compatibility issues and resolving installation errors.

Data Backup and Recovery Services:
5.1. Setting up reliable data backup solutions to safeguard important files and documents.
5.2. Assistance with data recovery in case of accidental deletion, disk failure, or system crashes.
5.3. Providing guidance on best practices for data backup and proactive measures to prevent data loss.



Printer Installation and Setup Services:
1.1. We provide professional installation and configuration services for printers, ensuring smooth setup.
1.2. Our expertise includes compatibility checks with various devices and operating systems.
1.3. We offer assistance with network setup and connectivity, ensuring seamless printing across multiple devices.

Printer Troubleshooting and Repair Services:
2.1. Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair printer issues promptly and efficiently.
2.2. We specialize in resolving problems such as paper jams, connectivity issues, and error messages.
2.3. Our services also include parts replacement and regular maintenance to keep your printer in optimal condition.
Printer Networking and Sharing Services:
3.1. We configure network printing to enable multiple devices to share a single printer.
3.2. Our experts set up wireless printing, allowing convenient printing from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
3.3. We implement robust printer security measures to safeguard your data and prevent unauthorized access.
Printer Software and Driver Updates Services:
4.1. Stay up-to-date with the latest printer software and driver installations through our services.
4.2. We ensure regular updates and compatibility with new operating systems and applications.
4.3. Our technicians are skilled in troubleshooting any issues that may arise during software or driver updates.
Printer Optimization and Performance Enhancement Services:
5.1. Experience optimized printing performance with our expert assistance.
5.2. We fine-tune printer settings for improved print speed, quality, and ink usage.
5.3. Our services include recommendations on suitable paper types and settings for various printing needs. Additionally, we provide cleaning and maintenance procedures to prevent common print quality issues.

Backup and Recovery

Data Backup Solutions:
1.1. Implementation of reliable data backup solutions tailored to your specific needs.
1.2. Setup of automated backup schedules to ensure regular data protection.
1.3. Configuration of backup software and systems for seamless operation.
Data Recovery Services:
2.1. Professional data recovery assistance for lost, deleted, or inaccessible files.
2.2. Recovery from various storage devices such as hard drives, SSDs, and external drives.
2.3. Utilization of advanced recovery techniques to retrieve data from damaged or corrupted media.
Cloud Backup and Recovery:
3.1. Migration of data to secure cloud storage for convenient and off-site backups.
3.2. Configuration of cloud backup services to automatically synchronize and protect your files.
3.3. Assistance with cloud data recovery and retrieval in the event of data loss or+ system failure.
Disaster Recovery Planning:
4.1. Evaluation and development of comprehensive disaster recovery plans.
4.2. Identification of critical systems, data, and recovery time objectives (RTOs).
4.3. Creation of backup strategies, contingency plans, and failover solutions.
Backup and Recovery Consultation:
5.1. Expert consultation on backup and recovery best practices.
5.2. Assessment of existing backup systems for effectiveness and reliability.
5.3. Recommendations for optimizing backup processes and enhancing data protection.

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